Create Positive Change with Holistic Life Coaching

All things are divinely unfolding exactly as they should. It isn't a coincidence that you've found yourself here,  
So, what is holistic life coaching and what is it going to do for you?


Holistic Life Coaching considers the whole being - mind, body and spirit - while discovering the best approach to work through a challenge, toward a desired goal, or just finding happiness in one's life.

My clients feel a sense of empowerment and relief within their first session. 

When you come to me for holistic life coaching, you're going to gain an understanding of the spiritual tools I use in my own life to bring about immediate and empowering change.
Clients learn to live life intentionally, while maintaining a sense of peace and stability within themselves.
They gain a better understanding of how their thoughts and beliefs can be used as powerful tools to set and achieve goals, create positive change and put them on their right path forward. 

Together, my clients and I uncover solutions for feeling good, identifying their desires and manifesting things easily.


Going through my own major life change recently, I had to completely be stripped of my ego thoughts and surrender to faith in my beliefs, while fully leaning on my spiritual tools and techniques. I am here to say I lived through it, and came out the other side so thankful for these tools. They really are powerful

I am honored  you are here, and I look forward to connecting with you.

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About Coach Mandy

I'm a proud graduate of the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching, taught by Alan Cohen of Hay House Radio and well-known Author, teacher and International Life Coach.

I love this path I've chosen - not only because it helped me in my life but because it puts me in alignment with those those can also be helped by the same holistic and spiritual tools, to uncover their authentic power, clear the blocks and find true joy. 

I am passionate for elevating others to find their own solutions and joy-filled life and why I naturally gravitated to Life Coaching.

Things I love: my kids, my English Bulldogs, miniature things, collecting rocks (for hours..), painting rocks, elevating other human beings every day, and being a life-long learner and seeker.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and Love is at the core of each of us. Not romantic love,  but the essence of our being Love - with a capital L.  

Spiritual support, leveraging Universal Law, Vibrational energy, the Law of Attraction, and understanding your voice of Love are tried and true tools I use to create a more meaningful life experience for myself and my clients.


Fear cannot survive with the light of Love shone on it.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

...Marcus Aurelius

Sat on the Rocks

Coaching Options

Spring 2020

1 Hour Coaching Session

Price: As of March 2020 my fees are waived to support the current health and economic challenges.

Many are looking for relief right now. There are big changes going on in the world and for many this can be a time of fear or anxiety, uncertainty, or just a time where people need connection with another to experience spiritual and holistic life coaching tools to keep them on the path to mental clarity, love and personal power over their lives.

Currently my sessions are via phone, Zoom , Skype, or Facetime.


Girl Using Laptop

1-3 Group Coaching Session

March 2020: Not offered at this time. 

This is a 1-2 hour Life Coaching Session offered to private groups of 3 or more. This is a basic, informal coaching session utilizing holistic life coaching tools.

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